About Us

Play areas

Our outside play areas are large and very well equipped. The separate toddler play area has soft padded matting and relevant age related play equipment. We also have a bicycle track, NEW Modular  jungle gyms, a shaded sandpit and lots of grass. The play times are staggered so that children are able to use all the equipment freely.



Should you enrol before the end of October you only pay half of February’s school fees.

We are fully registered with:

Ekurhuleni Municipality Healthy Department (last inspection done 15 Nov 2016)

Ekurhuleni Welfare Department

Excelmed Medical Emergency Service

Steiner Hygiene Services

Bedfordview Community Police Forum

Top Security

Application Policy

Children may be granted admission to the school if they are between three months and five years.

Application Form

The application forms are available from the office upon viewing our facilities. A registration fee of R1000.00 is required to accompany the application form as well as a copy of both parents ID documents and Medical Aid Card, the child’s birth certificate and immunisation record as well as proof of address. The required documentation needs to be submitted to the school office.

The following documents must accompany the enrolment form:

Special Instruction Form

Child Collection Form

School Fees

School fees are payable in advance either per term, monthly or annually. When fees are not paid promptly, a child may be asked to leave the school and the place offered to another child.

Fees can be settled via the internet.

Notice Period. A full terms notice, in writing, is required when leaving the school, or a full terms fees in lieu of notice. This notice must reach the headmistress on or before the first day of the term.

Accounts. All accounts in terms of Bedfordview Baby and Toddler Centre fees shall be due and payable by the 3rd of each month or term, depending on which payment option was chosen.


Our objective is having a happy and peaceful atmosphere where there is human understanding and caring. When correction is required we have two approaches:

Time out – A few minutes to sit in a special place away from the group but in view of the teacher, where the child can think about what he or she has done.

Persuasion – The child is gently led to exercise self-discipline and behave in an acceptable manner. This can be done through a quiet chat or a stern talking to. No child should be permitted to harm another or him or herself or damage property.

Communication with parents

We hand out Communication forms with regards to misbehaviour at school to keep parents informed with regards to a child behaviour at all times.
Incident report forms are also sent home to report an incident to parents. Where ever possible photos are attached. Copies of the above are then kept in the child’s personal file.

Complaints and Compliments

It is required that any complaints or compliments are submitted in writing.


We subscribe to Top Security. The following is also implemented to keep our children safe. Electrical Fencing surrounds our property. Keypad Access to school. The access code change on a regular basis, the number is then SMS ‘ed to the mother’s cell phone number. Unauthorised persons without an access number are not allowed on the property. Unauthorised persons are not allowed to remove any child from the school. Should the person not be mentioned on the Child Collection Form, parents will be contacted.


Children are provided with breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon refreshments and juice as per our menu.

We know that your growing child needs nutritious, wholesome meals, prepared with care, to help fight infection. We therefore pride ourselves on the quality of our meals.


The nursery staff works as a team. There are teachers, nursery nurses, learning support assistants, a secretary and cleaners.