Early Preschool

The importance of play in the education of young children is universally appreciated.  Play is one of the most natural ways in which children learn.  It is one of the most effective kinds of learning. For a child, play is a serious business, it is central to their healthy development.

At Bedfordview Baby and Toddler we use play as an educational tool in a direct way through the use of games, puzzles and simple problem solving tasks.  We provide children with toys, games and activities which they enjoy and which interests them sufficiently to promote concentration and love of playing, because after all, playing is learning.  Effective learning can only take place in a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere.

Therefore we  strive to promote an atmosphere the child will experience a feeling of personal  security and worth.  There needs to be a warm, loving relationship between the teacher and child which is based on mutual acceptance and respect.