As a 21st century parent, I am grateful for BB&TC.  Time restraints, work load and Johannesburg’s rush have put a lot of guilt on a parent. Especially when it comes to quality time with your child, a balanced diet, behavioral improvements, enough academic stimulation and physical growth and development.  Although school is not a replacement for a parent, BB&TC certainly assists in all of the above aspects of my child, and even exceeds some of my own expectations.

Let Dos Santos (Gaby)

B&TC: Is a wonderful caring environment for children to learn and play with a wide spectrum of nationalities.

And the Teachers are great too. With their positive attitude, it make the children want to go to school.

Amanda Stokes (Annabel)

Thanks again for all you do for my child.  It is through you and your teachers that his character is strengthened and he stands a better chance at survival and skill going into primary school and ultimately through his life.

Andrea Peral (Dominic)

Thank you so much for a fantastic 4 years. Joanne has such wonderful staff and we can’t believe that it’s over and Riley is off to “big” school. I know Riley is ready to go to Hurlyvale Primary. She  has the confidence, having been in your school. Riley and I are both going to miss everyone at Bedford baby very much. We would like to thank you for all your input and guidance invested. I  believe the effort from all the staff is irreplaceable and this has helped to develop Riley into a mature and positive child.

Rene Kreusch (Riley –Marie)

Seeing how our son, Greg has changed over the last year from being withdrawn & shy to this confident bubbly little person, is credit to the professional attention and teaching that he has received at Baby & Toddler Baby Center! He is fast becoming an independent person because of the personal interaction of all the staff members!

Amori Sakulias (Greg)

“I feel like I am losing my family, Leandro was just 9 months old when he started at the school with teacher Leatitia and now he is and growing up so quickly – a real little person with his own special traits.  Every staff member has had a positive impact on my son’s education and for this I am very grateful”

Rosa Fonseca (Leandro)