The Curriculum

We follow the Day-by-Day Early Childhood Development School Readiness Program.

We focus on an enriched curriculum, with horizontal enrichment whereby the content is applied to real life situations and vertical enrichment, which implies the in-depth exploration of content in all areas.


It is a distinct stage, important both in it’s own right and in preparing children for later schooling. Young children learn best through ‘playing’ and ‘doing’ and the Foundation Stage offers a broad and purposeful curriculum that is delivered through planned and supported play activities to help ensure all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and experience the best possible start to their education.

Learning areas

There are eleven Learning Areas: Numeracy, Literacy, Life Skills, Directionality, Spatial Perception, Visual Perception, Observation, Seriation, Reasoning, Find and Gross motor.

The teaching staff matches the level of the work to the learner’s ability. This implies that the programs have to be flexible and dynamic to meet every learner’s needs and learning styles.

Learners are observed on a continuous basis. An intensive Individual Evaluation is done with all children from the age of three, at the end of each term. These evaluations are kept in class and can be made available to parents at any time. These assessments are done according to Occupational Therapy Standards. A mid-year and year-end assessment is prepared for parents.

A very unique aspect of our school is that we move our children up to a higher class according to their development and ability and not necessarily according to age.

Our classrooms are all spacious and each class has a dedicated area for reading and quiet time, fantasy play and perceptual or creative activities.

Our baby class is bright and airy. Our cots has storage drawers under each cot for each baby’s belongings.

Each baby has a daily chart, which is available to parents each day. By this we can monitor whether the child ate and how many wet and soiled nappies there has been for the day.